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*All pies are subject to availability, please call ahead to reserve your favorite pie.

Personal Pie $5.25

add a scoop of blue bell $1.95

Pie Town Trio Pack $14.00

Creme Pies

Fresh Strawberry Creme  $18.50

 Pie Town's Signature Pie, Layer of Homemade Vanilla Creme topped with  Fresh Strawberries and a Homemade Strawberry Glaze  & Whipped Creme.  

Lemon Creme  $17.50

 Delicious not too tart not too sweet lemon filling, topped with whipping cream.  

Lemon Meringue     1 day Advance Order     $18.50

Chocolate Creme   $17.50  

 2nd Most popular pie, Our chocolate filling is made from scratch in a steam kettle, using the finest Cocoa.   It's a creamy milk chocolate flavor not bitter.

Chocolate Meringue   1 day Advance Order      $18.50

Banana Creme  $17.50

 Wonderful Banana Pie, filling made from scratch with fresh bananas.

Coconut Creme   $17.50  

 Our Best Seller, filling made from scratch in steam kettle with fresh shredded coconut.

Coconut Meringue 1 day Advance Order  $18.50

Key Lime Pie   $18.50  

 Old Fashion Key Lime Recipe made with the richest ingredients. Tinted green for fun.

Turtle Cheese Pie   $18.50

 A layer of sweet creme cheese, caramel & pecans covered w/chocolate creme filling.

Triple Chocolate    $19.50

 Soft baked brownie bottom covered w/chocolate creme filling & chocolate whip creme.

Oreo Cookie Delight     $18.50

 Oreo Cookies combined with our homemade vanilla creme makes for a sweet delight.

Peanut Butter Chocolate   $18.50

 Combine a layer of chocolate with a layer of peanut butter cream!  You can't go wrong!

Cherry Cheese Pie    $18.50

 A wonderful layer of sweet creme cheese filling smothered with Tart Cherries.

Raspberry Cheese Pie     $ 18.50

 A layer of sweet creme cheese filling smothered with Raspberry sauce.

Strawberry Cheese Pie     $18.50    

A layer of sweet creme cheese filling with a delicious Strawberry puree.

Blueberry Cheese Pie    $18.50

 A layer of sweet creme cheese filling with delicious Blueberries & Glaze.

Fruit & Nut Pies

Caramel Apple Pecan  $18.50

 Once you taste this you won't go back!  Starts with our homemade apple pie, then we drizzle it with creamy caramel and add roasted pecans.  WOW!

Chocolate Pecan  $18.50

 Tastes like the softest brownie ever.  Topped with roasted pecans & chocolate chips.

Pecan Pie  $18.50

 Another specialty of our Chef, this Pecan Pie is perfectly sweeten, wonderfully sticky

  and topped with whole pecans and filled with pecan pieces!

Blueberry Crumb $17.50

Delicious blueberry pie, glazed and topped with cinnamon crumbs

Blueberry Lattice $18.50

Delicious blueberry pie, glazed and covered with our baker's beautiful hand-rolled lattice pastry.

Apple Crumb  $17.50

 Made with tart green apples smothered in sweet cinnamon glaze.

  Covered with a homemade crumb topping makes it an all American Favorite!  

Apple Lattice  $18.50

Made with tart green apples smothered in sweet cinnamon glaze. With our Baker's beautiful hand-rolled Lattice Top!   

Cherry Crumb  $17.50

 Tart, full cherries and a thick perfectly sweeten glaze.

 Covered with a homemade crumb topping!

Cherry Lattice Pie  $18.50

 Tart, full cherries and a thick perfectly sweetened glaze.

 With our Baker's beautiful hand-rolled Lattice Top!

Peach Crumb $17.50

 An old fashioned favorite....  perfectly ripened peaches drenched in a delicious glaze.

  Topped with cinnamon crumbs.  Yum!

Peach Lattice  $18.50

 Perfectly ripened peaches drenched in a delicious glaze.

 With our Baker's beautiful hand-rolled Lattice Top!

Sweet Creme Buttermilk   $18.50

  Old Fashion Buttermilk or as Grandma called it: Chess Pie! Very rich and sweet.

Buttermilk Pecan Pie  $18.50

 Old Fashion Buttermilk Pie kicked up with a Roasted Pecan topping!

Specialty Pies

RED VELVET PIE                                         $19.50  
ITALIAN CREME PIE                                   $19.50    
STRAWBERRIES & CHOCOLATE                  $18.50
STRAWBERRY-BANANA CREME                 $18.50
 CHOCOLATE-BANANA CREME                  $18.50
GERMAN CHOCOLATE PIE                         $19.50
PARADISE 4 FRUIT PIE                               $21.00

Seasonal Pies

Offered October - December

PUMPKIN PIE                                                        $17.50
PUMPKIN CHEESE PIE                                          $18.50         
SALTED CARAMEL PUMPKIN                               $19.50
APPLE-CRANBERRY                                              $18.50
APPLE-CRANBERRY-PECAN                                 $19.50
SWEET POTATO                                                   $17.50
 SWEET POTATO PECAN                                      $17.50

Sugar Free Pies

 Requires 1 day advance order.

SUGAR-FREE APPLE                                  $17.50
SUGAR-FREE APPLE-PECAN                     $18.50
SUGAR-FREE PEACH                                $17.50  
SUGAR-FREE CHERRY                              $17.50

Gluten Free Pies

GLUTEN-FREE APPLE                                    $19.50
GLUTEN-FREE APPLE-PECAN                        $20.50
GLUTEN-FREE PEACH                                   $19.50
GLUTEN-FREE CHERRY                                 $19.50



Ice Cream Treats

Jr. Kiddie Cup $ 2.50

Blue Bell Ice Cream (Per Scoop)   $3.75

Ice Cream Sugar Cone $4.00

Waffle Cone  $4.75

Coke / Root Beer Float  $4.75

Old Fashioned Milkshake  $4.75

Chai Tea Ice Cream Dream  $4.75

 Latte Datte'   $4.75

 *Any Flavor Latte' swirled with Ice Cream

 Pie Town Smoothies - Any Flavor  $3.75

 Pie Town Frozen Frappes'  $4.75

Dessert Party Platters

"Pie Piece" Platter

3 Flavors

Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Lemon Cream

16 pcs $15.95, 35 pieces $32.50, 45 pieces $41.75
5 flavors

Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Lemon Cream, Oreo Cookie, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Cheese, or Raspberry Cheese(Choose 5)

16 pcs $16.95, 35 pcs $34.50, 45 pieces 43.75

"Treats" Platter $35.99

24 bite size pieces Coconut, Chocolate Cream, and Lemon

"Gourmet Cookie" Platter $30.99

24 Gourmet Cookies, assorted flavors available

Homemade Fudge

Daily flavors sold by the 1/4 lb.  or lb.






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